Jongup feeling it

Yugyeom is apologizing because while he was signing that fan’s album, he was talking to someone else instead of her~ 

All of them smile and laugh normally, and then there’s Youngjae as always ….

meet the ‘pat bingsoo-making-competition’ teams

Himchan playing guitar ♥


Fan: Daehyun oppa I’m bored, so please shoot me a funny word ㅎㅎ

Daehyun: Moon Jongup (x)

DaeJong ‘lovely' relationship(*´ ▽ `*)

jaehyo you little shit
why is everybody closing their doors on me?!
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I was quiet, but I was not blind. —Fanny Price, Mansfield Park (via kudou-kun)


sometimes i remember that like white people dont eat rice that often like sometimes they have meals that are just meat and vegetables and its like??? wheres the rice??? what are you doing??? your plate isnt complete??? 

#text #omg


Apple had so much fun at the park yesterday! He was going down the slides by himself and was enjoying it. Then we got to the swirly one….and…that scared him a bit lol he was pooped and slept like that for like 2 hours when we got home haha.

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